veronica’s shoes

Any fan of “Sex and the City” knows that the girls love the shoes! I’ve been a fan of boots for sooo long, especially after discovering that I had torn my right ankle ligament and went as a cripple for 10 LONG years, thanks to incompetent doctors’! Sorry, but they diagnosed me with all kinds of things when all along I’d torn my right ankle ligaments…Even when they went in for surgury, they didn’t know what was up! I’ve been living with pain for years! Now that I’m better, I love to look for shoes that are comfortable and stylish! I’ve been wanting a pair of good black boots for years. I fell in love with some off of Jasmine Stars’ blog! And I found out that they are called “the Veronica”! So today, a brand new pair came in the mail for me, and made my summer! (which is also a great time to buy Uggs!)

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