Georgianna and Jacob’s Ventura Engagement

My kids attended Pierpont School in Ventura.  We had recently transplanted our family here from Santa Barbara and once I spotted this public school, right on the beach, I knew it was a perfect fit for our beach oriented family.

Josh and Jon attended their entire elementary years, kindergarten through 5th grade, them making lifelong friends as well as myself.  This area will always hold a place in my heart, both good and bad, as some of you may know, but that’s been the yin and yang of my life.

Last year, a very pretty bride contacted me to photograph her wedding.  Jeannine and David Shellenberger had fallen in love, and wanted me to photograph their wedding at Eucalyptus Lane.  When I met with Jeannine, a stunning blond, she smiled at me with recognition.  I had no clue as to who she was until she spoke of her mother, Jennifer Loudermilk, who was one of the village of people who helped me raise my boys at Pierpont School.  I was thrilled to be a part of their wedding and my son, Josh assisted me.  I loved seeing Josh’s former kindergarten teacher at the wedding.

This year, Jeannine’s brother, Jacob, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in photographing his wedding.  Only problem was, it would take place in Arizona.  I was honored to be asked and chosen to be a part of this wonderful family once again.  Jacob and Georgianna have been living in different states.  Georgianna lives in Arizona while Jacob lives here.  That is going to change soon.  In honor of the fact that Ventura was a part of their story, they had their engagement session here, amongst the antique stores and the ability to still walk to the beach in the evening.

HERE is their engagement slide show:  Enjoy!

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