Vegas calling

Sitting on the floor in my hotel room at Bally’s, with the most beautiful nigh time view I could possibly have.  Always loved a good skyline and Vegas doesn’t disappoint, even at one am.  My words just had to leave my head and find their way through my fingers to this keyboard before I could go to sleep tonight. To write how grateful I am that I am here.  At this moment.  Getting ready to do the thing that I love to do the best:  photographing people.  It’s been a long winter, for lots of reasons I won’t go into right now, but here’s a hint:  two weeks ago tonight, I was in a hospital room.  (Will share that story when it’s time but for now if you are a new or existing client, don’t worry! I will be fine!)  Just can’t believe how life has taken me on a journey past my dreams and close to people that I could never have imagined just by following my heart. Vegas calling?  Yes, I guess it did.  Bring it on!!
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