touched by an angel

I had quite a week! I’ve been searching my soul, praying! I’ve been wondering if the path that I’ve taken in my life is still right for me? Seems like a lot of photographers, especially wedding photographers, are praising God for having found what is right for them (wedding photography?). I’ve always been a doer. Just my nature. Do what is in front of me and it will work out! I have no plan “B” I’ve always been a photographer and always will be one, but since I’m also very down to earth, I needed concrete evidence to confirm that I indeed should be pursuing such a well traveled path. Not as well traveled on my path. I’ve been sent two weddings withing two weeks to work NOW! Not next summer, which would be great, but NOW when I needed the work to keep myself a float. Hhmmm….Almost overwhelms me! One was for a family that actually lived next to me for 30 years in Santa Barbara! I got teary eyed just seeing the father give his youngest daughter away! She was named Veronica. Her sister told me that she remembered when Veronica was born, my father came over and told them how he loved that name and that his youngest was Veronica as well (Me!) My father died years ago, before my oldest son, Josh, now twenty one, was born. TO hear a story like that blew me away! You think that your parents pass away when they die, but they don’t. Just shows you how they can bless your life forever!!!!!! Congratulations, Veronica and Henry! It was my honor to be at your wedding with your family!

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