Time to fly.

Last twenty years of life, I’ve been shooting, but my main priority were my sons, Josh and Jon.  Wanted to get them raised in the way that I hadn’t been.  Supportive, energized, full of you can do it all thinking!  Harder to be an artist than to be a doctor.  There is no path, but they are seeking one out and I love an support them as they do that as well.  But, now it’s freed me with a lot of energy and wanting to use it to a good cause.  That one goes to the one that needs it the most.  Me. 

Not in a selfish way, no.  If I do this correctly then once again my sons will benefit with not having to worry that their Mom misses them or they should be there for them.  they should, but it would prevent them from living their life and God knows that I do not want that!1

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