Suggested combinations for family photos

When consulting with couples about their wedding photos, I frequently get asked what are common family photos combinations.  Below are some combinations that I suggest to my couples.  You may find this helpful when compiling a list of family photos for your photographer.

Bride with her Mom

Bride with Dad

Bride with both parents

Add Groom (Bride/Groom with both her parents)

Add Siblings to this, and then add their spouses and children if applicable.

Add Grandparents to this.

You can change this up (if there is Step Parents or if you would like just you and siblings, grandparents, cousins,etc) This is just a guideline.

Bride/Groom, with her parents, add his parents.  This is a good time to transition to the other side of the family.

Then when you are finished with the Bride’s family, do these same combinations with the Groom’s side.

Groom with Mom

Groom with Dad

Groom with both parents

Add Bride (Bride/Groom/His parents)

Add siblings to this, then add spouses and children if applicable.

Add Grandparents

You can add extended family as well as any other posed photos that you would like. For instance:  Just siblings, Grandparents, Godparents,  Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, etc.

Remember, these are just suggestions!

It’s helpful to have names, especially with step families and parents.  For instance:  Me with my Dad, Brian and his wife, Stephanie.  My sister, Sarah (also maid of honor) and her husband, Peter and their two children, Isaac and Ruby. So helpful to have relationships as well as names!

It’s also helpful if someone who is not in the wedding, can help with keeping people together for the photos, especially if there are a lot of family photos to be taken.

Hope that you find this helpful!  Remember, these are just suggestions as families and couples can take on many shapes and sizes!