Saturday Night Live

Okay, I am done for today! It was hot yet beautiful in Santa Barbara when I shot a wedding today. We took East Camino Cielo at the top of San Marcos Pass all the way along the crest of the mountains in Santa Barbara. We stopped at Ranger Station halfway through!! What a view. Like being in a plane, but Channel Islands were behind a haze. Then we drove rest of way across mountains to Montecito!! I just got new tires and now I probably will need more….lots of potholes! Now I’m gonna walk my dog and watch SNL. My son shot a wedding today and saw Chris Knight and Adrienne Curry, but he didn’t care. I love them! I am a closet reality show junky ever since I had surgery on my ankle.

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  1. Lashawn says:

    I understand your love for reality TV. I too am addicted, cant get enough. Loving your blog and your beautiful photographs.