Saturday Mornings

Usually my Saturdays involve lots of preparation for my event later in the day.  Charging batteries, organizing my camera gear and making sure that everything is in order for my wedding that day.  Today is a little different.  Needed it to be.  Don’t want to take any aspect of my life for granted.  Even the little things like being able to walk my dog, run in the park and have a talk with one of my sons.  Was a little busy these past few weeks.  Very grateful for all who have trusted me with their lives and their business.  Always forget to ask if I’m allowed to share, so some of the images and memories will have to wait to be shared.  Quite diverse.
Will be shooting downtown this afternoon for a brother of a former bride who is getting married next year in Arizona.  Have the honor of being their photographer as well.  Can’t wait to get to know them better and to create beautiful images for them as memories.  And make some of my own as well.

Photo of Scarlett Belle Billboard that is on the side of the 101 freeway north, in Oxnard.  Photo of boat was taken by me.

Photo of me on the roof of Avex, Inc.  hanger while shooting for them in Camarillo.

My youngest son, Jon, getting ready for a fight at Hollywood Casino.

Huber and Maribel celebrating their one year wedding anniversay with a photo shoot in Malibu.

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