Santa Barbara

My hometown.  Born at St. Francis, which is now shut down, youngest of a family of eight, we were a large family of fish in a small town….Everyone knew one another.  Stores closed at 8pm and you played tennis in the street in front of your home,   Tomorrow, I go back to my hometown to shoot a wedding.  The actual ceremony will be at SBCC, where I attended college.  It perches above the Pacific Ocean.  Once, long ago,I remember walking back from an accounting class to where my car was parked.  Wondering in my head, why I was taking business classes when all I wanted to do was be a photographer?  I could see my shadow, falling on the soil ahead of me;  there was no pavement.  Could picture me photographing someone while they were walking and I was documenting.  Tomorrow, that image takes place.  Will be where I’m supposed to be, doing what I was meant to be doing.  Feeling overwhelms  me.  Will have to share this with the couple.  And be grateful that my business administration and marketing classes, that I took on that very soil, have actually taken me to that place where I WANT TO BE!!

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