Roxanna and Paul’s Engagment

This is Paul and Roxanna. You may remember them from the time that I photographed their actual engagement at Disneyland in June. Paul and Roxanna wanted something different for their engagement photos, so they chose their location carefully…in a graveyard!
Roxanna’s laugh rang out in the silent afternoon, her daughter, Arrianna and Paul’s sister, Violet, were in attendance. The peacefulness of the area was broken by the sound of their feet, stepping carefully between the headstones, mindful of the lives that lay underfoot. Not wanting to disrupt the quiet. The birds flew off from the trees as we walked through the grave sites. The beauty and the powerful presence of being together.
Today, all things came together and life felt peaceful, even in a graveyard, for the moment, just as it should. Thank you to you both for that moment of peace.

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