Roxanna and Paul at Las Posas Country Club, Camarillo

I am now convinced you can find love and it will endure under the stresses of life. I photographed Roxanna and Paul’s engagement last year at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. No stress, no worries, not a care in the world other than the crowds and the heat. What a day! The next year planning the wedding came in second to other of life’s challenges to them both. The year flew by and I found myself under red flowers, listening to the two of them declare their commitment to one another. But the real commitment was their past year. Seeing them go through life’s challenges together and still hanging on to their dream of a June wedding seemed so easy compared to the events of their year. The date marked their commitment. The commitment came before the date. It was a day to celebrate, party and enjoy the moment..and having the hope that the next year will be even better and oh, by the way, Roxanna looks like a cross between a supermodel and a rockstar while Paul gently leads the way.

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