As the day goes by, I find myself checking my email several times a day as well as my Facebook.  I’ve been amazed at the amount of people that are coming my way to document their relationship.  Because of my relationships.  One thing that I find as a common thread in my life is that I like to build them as well as photograph them.  In this weird economy that we live in, there are lots of people who can offer you advice and services.   And photography.  Some do it quite well, but the reason that I continue something is because of my relationship with that person or that place.  I found it interesting this week, that I worked alot, but not only because of the photos that I take, but because of the relationships that I have built.   It was not an overnight process.  I have been building relationships for years and now, suddenly, I’m finding myself surrounded by people who I want to be around.  Whom I want to work with.  Who want to work with me.  Someone who I have been building a relationship with, just because I enjoy their company, is now sending work my way.  They feel confident in referring me to document another’s relationship and this, I understand.

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