Outside the box

Anyone that has known me for a long time, knows that I usually follow the rules.  The rules always seem to have been made by someone else, not always ones that I should have been living by.  This week,  this month and this past year have been about designing my box, my rules, for which the frame my life around.  My oldest son is a musician and will be performing at Billy O’s next week.  He has an elaborate stage show he is planning.  No rules.  Jon, my youngest, will be fighting Muy Thai tomorrow at Commerce Casino. How did that happen? No set path for that career, for sure.  And tomorrow, I will be photographing a wedding in Santa Barbara and will be ending up the wedding at the very location where I met their father.  Some rules needed to be broken 🙂  Attached are two random videos of our animals that I made for Jon since he has been living in Hollywood and his animals live here.  Two of the other family members who didn’t play by the rules as well. One goldfish who is forever surviving his surroundings and a dog that we rescued years ago from the pound.

I guess you can see, I am not a video person.  I do, however, have someone who is and can be added onto your wedding coverage!

Have a great weekend!

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