New Year

We have such a busy holiday season at my house.  Both my birthday, both of my son’s birthdays, Christmas, New Years.  All within a week.  Today was so nice, because I just took time off, away from my camera, to do something different!  This site is just above the city of Ventura.  If you drive through Ventura on the 101, look up to the hills and you will see two little trees, sitting on a hill, overlooking the city.  We hiked to them today.  Not an easy hike, but not too hard, except you have to overlook the no trespassing signs and some barbed wire.  It was such a beautiful way to start the new year!  If you ever want to go, hit me up!  I would gladly love to spend some time in this beautiful part of the coast.

Xo, Have a great year!


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