New Year 2010

A few images from the last day.

As a full moon presided over the many palm trees in the beautiful, winter sky, I welcomed in this new year in. Looking back as the person whom I was a decade ago tonight, I would never have recognized the person that now hugged my friends and breathed deeply in the night air. Such a long journey ago that when I started, I didn’t know my destination. Only knew that things would be changing. That never feels right, but then the situation that I was in, felt even worse. So I started that journey and all I can remember of the start was that it felt like I was crawling out of a pit into a world that I had no clue how to walk in. I remember going to work on 12,31,1999 and I had rubbed a glitter stick on my face, even though I wore a uniform and had on my Father’s military ring, one that he’d gave to my Mother, both deceased on my finger, as if to say “take me with you.”
I had no idea of the people or the manner of how my life was going to change.
Most of you who will read this, will come across my blog as you are planning your wedding. I am so honored that you looked! You might not know all of the details of my life, you only need to know that I am qualified and capable of creating the most kick a** photos of your incredible journey and marriage. However some know me in a different way and know that my ability to capture images comes not only in my experience in photography, but with my experiences in life. And these last ten held lots and thus, my photography has deepened beyond recognition, from that girl who stood with glitter on her face in 1999. Aloha and Happy New Year! All of my best and then some, Ronnie

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