So my sister, Theresa Hayes, just emailed me about her day.  Theresa is a wonderful nurse, although you would much rather run into her in a grocery store,  rather than at her “day” job, which is an intensive care nurse at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara.  Apparently she ran into friend of mine.   At the Montecito Vons, yes, where Oprah is known to shop. I almost said, old friend, but I do consider her a friend for life, as she was one of the first people whom I trusted the care of my oldest son, Josh. 

Theresa had commented on how my parents raised us.  Her, being forcibly put into a Register Nursing program and to me, forced to do, nada.  My Mom passed away shortly after high school and  I graduated being able to do whatever the h*** I wanted to.  And she was grateful.  Sometimes, I wish I had been forced into a profession that is honorable, but generates a nice, steady income, such as nursing, but the reality of what she does on a day to day basis.  Not sure I could do it.  People die in intensive care.  Maybe, not on her watch.  Some do recover and their families bring them home.  But what she has to deal with on a daily/weekly  basis?  Just makes me grateful for the things I get to see.  I get to do something honorable, too.  Document people’s lives and somehow,  been able to provide for my family, and now, myself.  And I love it!!  Did my parents know something about us that we didn’t quite see in ourselves?

Montecito to Santa Barbara, shot from the sky while flying with Danielle Quinn, Avex Marketing Director, in her cute Cessna.

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