Misc Monday

Today was “get ready for the summer day.” Officially! I got everything checked out, everything except my dog, who is overdue for her shots, but, refuses to go to the vet without drama. She is tramatized by just the parking lot at the vet. My son was the one who chose her from the Humane Society . She was the only dog not barking and was too cute. But she is CRAZY! I have to remove her hair from my camera bag every time I shoot. She us pure joy on every other level though. You cannot be down when she is with you. She is happiness on four legs. Oh, and in case you have never met her, her name is Heidi. They named her in the shelter. I shot a wedding for the owner of this store, Petropolis in Camarillo. I went there to get something to calm my dog down before her shots. They gave me some natural drops…we will see how well they work. Thanks, Shauna!
Support your local Humane Society. With love, Heidi

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