Love’s Secret Domain

I’m a Mom. Through and through. I’m also a businesswoman. My kids’ grew up watching me run a surf shop and being a mom. I thought that since they were older, they would need me less. I could pursue my photo career dead on. They are supported of that, but then my eldest son, Josh tells me about two weeks ago, that he “needs me now, more than ever” while he pursues his dream in the music industry. I was floored. My heart fluttered. Really? I was still needed? Wow. Words that ring true in my ears. He asked me not to come to his show last night. No problem. I’m “the mom” and I understood, but 25 minutes before he went on, my cell phone rings. It’s Josh, asking me to show up and to photograph him performing. He wants to know: can I come? Can I come? In a heartbeat, I was there in 20 minutes. Here’s an image so you get the idea.
Have fun this weekend and be sure to hug your family:) Hold them always close to your heart! No matter how old they are. Ronnie

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