Having the time of my life, doing what I love.

Haven’t posted in awhile.  Didn’t seem fair to be writing, when I have lots of images to get off my computer and into peoples’ lives.  However, in doing so, I’ve been experiencing some pretty amazing things with my camera.  If I can, I will share.  Sometimes I forget to ask…so if you want me to, let me know.  Like Phoebe and Micah.  She told me she wanted me to share, as she found it helpful to see other people, not models, in front of my camera and wanted to be of help to others as well.  Did I mention how much I LOVE my couples?  We find each other for a reason.  Their engagement session will be coming soon!

This weekend was amazing.  I did photograph a very passionate couple in Redondo Beach when they promised themselves to one another.  But I also photographed an event for a friend that involved flying in a helicopter and dinner with amazing people at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village.  Here is a couple of photos that I know that are okay to share from this weekend, cause it’s only photos of me…doing what I love to do, the best!

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