Geoffrey and Kirsten Landry March 16, 2013

Kirsten and Geoffrey met in high school.  The first thing that brought them together was the letter L.  Both their last names began with that letter, so naturally, their lockers were close to one another=Love.


The day began at the Marriott in Oxnard.

2013-05-21_0140 The garter was something borrowed, with pennies from the year of each wedding it was used in.  They were searching for a penny  that morning from 2013.2013-05-21_0141 Did I mention Kirsten is a dancer?2013-05-21_0142They headed to Santa Clara Church in Oxnard, one of the most beautiful churches that I’ve ever seen!
2013-05-21_0144 2013-05-21_0145 2013-05-21_0146 Photos at the church 🙂2013-05-21_0148 Then we headed to Saint Bonaventure High School, where the two of them met 😉2013-05-21_0149 The cake was made by family…2013-05-21_0150 Both families know how to dance and have a good time!2013-05-21_0151 First dance music was sung by her brother and his sister!2013-05-21_0152 Geoffrey’s baseball influence2013-05-21_0153 Kirsten’s Dad does headstands on special occasions.  Couldn’t disappoint!2013-05-21_0154

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