Dawn’s 40th Birthday Party

My contact with Dawn came briefly. Help! Photographer bailed on me and I’m having a party this weekend. I had photographed Dawn’s friend, Heather, last winter at her marriage to Andrew, er Drew, the most adorable teacher in Oxnard! I was available as it turned out, due to the swine flu invading the area and local proms being postponed. And here was Dawn: Beaming smile, dressed like Madonna,er younger version of course, just “wanting to have fun and enjoy the moment.” Marble Slab Ice Cream appeared as did amazing food and fun company! Thanks Dawn, for trusting me with you special day! I’m sure that your friends enjoyed your party as well as the wonderful, funny photographs that you provided them. You ROCK!

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  1. Ronnie! Love the pix. You are the best ever. I am so glad that Dawn had you do her party. I am on the lookout to help keep you busy this summer.
    We adore you!
    Heather & Drew (Anden too)