Darrell and Kara’s wedding at Mandalay Beach

Kara came into the studio. Out of breathe, she told me that her wedding was in a few weeks and she wasn’t sure how to start. Her trust and instincts had kicked in, having been voted “Woman of the Year” in Camarillo, California last year our paths had crossed and she as she sat there, in front of me, booked me to shoot her small, intimate wedding to Darrell, not knowing anything about me, other than I shot for Visual. Fast forward to May 1st, when I found myself staring at this happy, beautiful woman, about to marry this lovable, gorgeous firefighter. She’d carefully planned the details, simple wedding at sunset. On the beach. Close friends. How could anything go wrong? Except the weather! It was insurmountable. The wind sang it’s song as Darrell and Kara said their vows to one another, amoungst their closest of friends. I was one of the selected few that witnessed this joining of two lives. The two of them clung to each other, laughing and just enjoying the moment and realizing that some things are not to be controlled. Their lives together started on the beach, holding onto one another, staying still long enough to commit to their future, whatever the weather!

Kara and Darrell, I was so proud to be a part of your day, capturing the many memories as you started your lives together! Thank you again for your trust, kindness and humor! For allowing me to capture the beauty in your moments.

All the best, Ronnie

Special thanks to Claudia Craig for coming with me to second shoot!

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