The last two weekends, I have had the honor of being invited back to photograph weddings for families who had used me for my services before.  That says a lot to me.  They want me.  Like my style.  Trust me!
First was wedding of Georgianna (Anna) and Jacob Loudermilk.  Had photographed Jacobs’s sister, Jeannine’s wedding to David two years ago this month.  So glad when Anna and Jacob emailed me and invited me to shoot their wedding and that Jeanne Tanner was able to shoot with me as well since Jacob’s son, Isaac was friends with Jeanne’s daughter, and well. It just all came together. 

Fast forward to this weekend.  Jeanne and I took a day off while in Arizona, and we both went right back to shooting.

Had photographed a Gramarossa Family wedding last year, Danica and Bryan, but her brother, Brent got engaged the weekend of that wedding, and guess who they asked to be their photographer?  Was soo happy!  They were soo cute, despite the prediction of rain.  They are well on their honeymoon in the Carribean!

Maybe, we will all meet up again soon!  Until then, Aloha!


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