Boudoir Session – Behind the scene at Caesar’s Palace

So many times, right before a wedding, I’ve asked the bride “do you want to do some photos for him?  Just, you know, before you put on your dress?”  Hair and makeup is all done, the women look amazing, so it was a natural question for me to ask.  Then, as my wedding experience progressed, brides would “plan” on these sessions to take place.  Making a point of having their husbands favorite outfit ready to put on, just before their wedding ceremony.  Then came what would be know as “boudoir” sessions.  Taking place in a private residence, studio or business, these sessions took on a life out their own.  It was not a prerequisite to getting married, it was a chance for women to explore another side of themselves.  In front of my camera, insecurities have fallen away, leaving behind that women that we all want to be:  beautiful, confident and sexy.  They already were smart, courageous and hard working…we just want to explore a side to you that you might not see, until you get relaxed in front of the camera.

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