"Big Wednesday"

As some of you know, I photographed the Ventura Pier getting torn apart by 20′ waves in 1995. Since then, I have had lots of interest in the photograph, including having a 20×30 copy of it hanging at the restaurant on the pier itself. I decided this year to submit an application to the City of Ventura for their annual 4th of July Street Fair. I was looking forward to it. Meeting people and selling this photo. I even had to get a resale number to do so. Well they turned me down. I think because I only submitted a photo of my photo and not a photo of my workshop or booth…I have neither since I was only going to create a booth once I got approval to be a participant. I guess the city would rather see vendors with the same old thing at every fair, not local, real artists. I once submitted the photo for a fundraisor calender for the Ventura Pier and was turned down as well….seeing as many people have wanted this photo over the years, kinda makes me wonder who decides who gets to sell and who doesn’t. I had donated on 2 years ago for the “Pier into the Future” fundraisor that they had for the Ventura Pier and they were soo happy to get it!!!!!!!! okay, another peave about Ventura art: what’s with the “art” at the SCAT Transit Center at the Pacific View mall? WHO decided to spend money on a sculpture rather that an overhead enclosure to shield the people who really use the SCAT????My son’s had to wait in rain and hot sun next to this sculpture that does nothing for the real people who have to ride the bus…..If Ventura wants to be an “Art City” then it better get behind real people.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have always loved this photo and have searched for it at the street fairs and art walks, but have never found it. How or where can I get a print of this photo?

  2. Hi!! you can contact me at 805-415-5893. I am in Ventura, but can ship!! Glad you love the photo and found it!! Ronnie