Monthly Archive: February 2012

Love between people. Shared it grows stronger.

It’s early in the morning as I write this post.  Sometimes my mind is not quiet enough to sleep and I find myself checking up with friends on Facebook.  This morning I saw a post from a client/friend of her dog waiting in the car, early in the morning, while her husband was being deployed […]

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Vegas calling

Sitting on the floor in my hotel room at Bally’s, with the most beautiful nigh time view I could possibly have.  Always loved a good skyline and Vegas doesn’t disappoint, even at one am.  My words just had to leave my head and find their way through my fingers to this keyboard before I could […]

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The "C" word.

When I hear that word, my mind stops.  When I hear it within the context of a friend’s conversation, such as who has it, who is recovering from it.  What type they have.  People hear it, but never know how they are going to react, until it happens, to them.  That’s it!  I’m saying it!  […]

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