Monthly Archive: July 2009

Roxanna and Paul at Las Posas Country Club, Camarillo

I am now convinced you can find love and it will endure under the stresses of life. I photographed Roxanna and Paul’s engagement last year at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. No stress, no worries, not a care in the world other than the crowds and the heat. What a day! The next year […]

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Christina + Trent’s Ventura Engagement

Christina and Trent met in college. Christina lives here and Trent lives in Chicago, where they both will live once they get married. When we met downtown Ventura for the photos, I took a moment to ask them what they had in common and what would they like their photos to capture. Both share the […]

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Love ReUnited

Last Memorial Day, I came across this organization which allows me to give back to those who have chosen to serve our country in the military. My admiration goes way back. My parent’s wedding photographer photographed their wedding for them and in turn, they were published for a magazine. Here’s the link. Please follow and […]

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