I <3 Santa Barbara

I will be getting up later today to photograph a wedding, which makes me soo happy!  It’s in Santa Barbara.  For real Santa Barbara.  Not just the Biltmore or Bacara, which I love to shoot at.  Don’t get me wrong.  They are the old Butterfly Lane (swam to old platform) and Haskells Pier (summer afternoons after summer school at Dos Pueblos) in my mind.  Mesa Lane.  Beach. = Beach Boys lived there… Mission = Fiesta and gift store that sells St. Christophers and had live animals at the Christmas mangers.  Courthouse = danced there, walked my dog there at night after library visits with my Dad (keeps my birth certificate safe there).  Montecito = got married there, partied there.  The real deal.  Can’t wait!!  Met up with friends from high school.  Bishop Garcia Diego, to be exact, and some even as far back as San Roque.  We met at Goleta Beach,(lay out after work, ran to from Fairview), which now has a nice restaurant.  Will have to miss the actual reunion at El Capitan Beach tomorrow,(ooh the surf there in the winter, but the locals not so friendly)  since I’m shooting, but it’s okay!  Know that these people will understand!
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